About the Artist

London-based mixed media artist Stef Will works at the interface of art and science, exploring the sense of self and identity in relation to embodied experience.

Her interdisciplinary background with a master’s degree in Fine Art and a bachelor’s degree in Medicine is influencing the work, creating a unique perspective and opportunity for uncovering concepts that may otherwise remain hidden.

Subject matters include investigations into visible versus invisible aspects of the self, such as electromagnetic energy fields surrounding the body, and the nature of consciousness, as well as the cultural narratives surrounding these. Her evocative mixed media works may integrate found medical objects such as surgical blades, syringes, and medicine capsules, as well as the abject, as evidenced by her works with blood, as reminders of the finite nature of the physical body, tempting the viewer to look beyond Newtonian materiality.

Another line of enquiry is perception, using the quasi-clinical gaze of the far-infrared lens to make the unseen accessible to the human eye. This also invites the viewer to meditate on concepts of truth, ultimately questioning the nature of reality, and challenging authority as a gatekeeper to the truth. Related to this interest, she has been looking at the subject matter of surveillance, examining the algorithmic gaze in relation to power and control.

Her work has been exhibited in the UK and internationally.